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Amanda René Marchesello

Amanda was introduced to a Broker named Annamarie Barnard who owns Sand and Sea Realty in Little Italy.  Amanda associated with the brokerage for many years and credits Annamarie as “the best female Realtor she’s ever known”.  “Annamarie never takes NO for an answer.  She always has another idea or suggestion and always thinks outside of the box.”  Amanda says she learned just from being around Annamarie and idolizes her more than anyone else in the industry.

Amanda René Marchesello

Residential Real Estate Broker


Amanda graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in Integrative Public Relations, double minor Market and Advertising.  On her graduation day she opted to fly instead of walk, to California that is, and hit the ground running at J Public Relations.  Quickly, she found that a 40-hour ( really 60 hour ) work week in an office setting was just not how she thrived.  Never one to dawdle, she dove into Real Estate hard and went straight to Broker status in 2010.  Amanda is proud of the fact “it never occurs to me there may be things I cannot do” and this was no exception. 


Two days a Broker she made her first sale for the impressive price of $1,888,000 and somewhat considered it beginner’s luck.  She then went to join Coldwell Banker of La Jolla for the training programs and realized that really meant video tutorials and forced office hours.  A self-proclaimed NOT morning person, 9 am business meetings just weren’t going to fly very far so after a few high-end leases, she went back to building her own brokerage, then DBA-ed The A Group. 








She now refers to this time as “the good old days” until about 2016 when inventory hit an all-time low, in her years in Real Estate at least.  Never one to complicate things, she simply went where the inventory was.  Enter- The New Home Sales Era. 


CalAtlantic, former Ryland and Standard Pacific and now purchased by Lennar ( never a dull moment ) hired her to sell the APEX community of 58 homes located in the brand-new mast planned community in Mission Valley called Civita.  Very very very few Realtors jump between resale and new sales but Amanda welcomed the challenge and says she learned priceless skills that made her a more well-rounded Relator.


After selling out the community, Amanda decided to go back to resale because the company was changing and it was now a seller’s market with more inventory hitting the market every day.  “Apex was perfect for me at the time but the newer communities were in Chula Vista or north county and I really don’t think commuting over 15 minutes is a healthy was to live.”  Amanda is a firm believer that work-life balance can be even more than a balance, it should work organically as one.  “Work where you life, while you live,” she says.  “Most of my buyers have come from my fitness center and the morning coffee shop.”  She goes on to explain that when she’s doing the things that make her who she is, that’s when she’s most relaxed and draws the right people in. 


In 2017, Amanda changed the DBA of her brokerage and changed all the purple to navy blue and Luxury Lane was born.  “It was time for a refresh and take on more agents.  I am constantly asked to mentor and I usually said no because I just didn’t think I could teach how I do business.”  After Amanda found success taking a new agent from zero – 100, she realized maybe she could teach it to the right person.  Doing both off market deals and re-selling the homes in Apex that she sold as new, Amanda continued to grow and “blow whichever way the real estate winds blow”.  Well in this case that meant expanding to Florida as she had been working with an agent there to find second homes for her family.  "The homes in Florida are polar opposite from California but both being on the coast, the buyers were quite similar", said Amanda.  She made her first sale in beautiful Naples, Florida and fell in love with the city.  The warm gulf waters and prestine 5th Avenue shopping district expanded Amanda's horizons as she spent a good amount of time down there.  She went forward with her Broker's License in Florida and a few years later moved her own family there.  "After we had a baby we just wanted to be with family, who were completely on the east coast.  But after we moved and reaped the benefits of the tax break, it really hit home that we had done something big for our future," she says.

Being a bi-coastal Broker opened the door to another level of expertise.  The knowledge Amanda had developed from working the California market complimented her newer market in Florida.  She says it made her a better Broker at a level she could have never imagined.  There wasn't much she hadn't seen now that she was engorged in both states.  She was even able to help a few California clients relocate to Florida when they found themselves wanting the same things her family did.  "Never buy from a realtor who hasn't been through it themselves.  In California, I see many of the Realtors renting their own homes.  That's absurd.  Much of my success can be credited to the fact that I've been the buyer that you are.  I've been the single buyer, the married buyer and the family buyer.  I've also been the seller that you are and I've built my own home as well.  There isn't much I haven't seen in my career but there also isn't much I haven't done myself."

Amanda says the key to long term success in this industry is the same as the key to happiness- “be adaptable and flexible and utterly thankful every day of your life.”


Amanda credits God for everything,  coincidence for nothing and strives to be kinder than necessary. 



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