Welcome to the Waterside Moms Club!  Waterside is growing into its very own bubble, a part of Lakewood Ranch but in Sarasota.  We are a membership based social group that connects like minded Mommies locally.   The idea is so get plugged so this new community feels like home.  The objective given the current situation, is to stay safe and stay local with like minded, caring moms. Most of our moms have younger children from babies, toddlers, pre-school, kindergarten, to grammer school. We recognize that the first five years of being a new mom requires some extra efforts and we support thoughtful insights to make it easier and more fun.  We share tips & local ideas. 

Currently due to Covid 19 restrictions, we are spreading the word and materializing our contact list for new members.  We plan to meet for social distancing events as soon as reasonably possible.  Our activities aim to involve the children so as not to put a hardship on the mothers.  Not so much "mom's night out" but more stroller walks and workouts.  Things we all do everyday, but we do them while socializing.  Questions, ask!  

On the schedule currently: (feel free to bring your kids!)

Aqua Zumba Tuesdays 2:30 pm @ shoreview pool

Tai Chi Tuesdays 3:45pm @ screened lanai shoreview

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