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Dana Point-The Last Good Deal

Updated: May 12

Dana Point has the most exciting future of any small city in California due to the new redevelopment plan for Dana Point Harbor. In July 2018, Dana Point Harbor Partners was formally selected to enter into a 66-year partnership with Orange County to redevelop and operate the Dana Point Harbor. This plan was written in 1997 but not much has been done in the 21 years. Therefore, the Harbor Partners presented a new modern plan that brings balance of economic improvements and sustains natural beauty and access to this important resource. The county’s Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the agreement at their June 17 meeting.

I don’t have to tell you that Orange County is nice. In fact, it may be the most perfect 30 coastal miles in all of America-nice. We all know Newport. We all know Laguna ( remember the show ‘The Hills’ haha ). But Dana Point was never in the spotlight and remained quietly overlooked-until now. This unique land mass is finally getting its moment to shine and completing the perfect trifecta that is Orange County. With a unique land mass forming numerous coves and pristine beaches on west and south shores, I call it the California Riviera because it’s that geographically breath-taking.

So get to the point about Dana Point! Well a few things are super important to know.

Let’s start with how the new harbor project will improve Dana Point and what will it be like. The Dana Point Harbor Partners are Newport Beach based. So just look at the Newport Beach harbor for an indication of what’s to come. The Newport harbor, homes, amenities, and boats are magnificent! The Dana Point Harbor is only 47 years young but was smaller, less utilized and limited in dock spaces for larger yachts. The Dana Point harbor is getting a new upgrade including ability to support larger boats and offer some more posh amenities. To have this harbor in California is a huge economic opportunity and provides direct ocean access with unique resources for the city and a very cool lifestyle for the community. The project is looking to keep an appropriate level of local culture and character to fit with Dana Point and the history of the area, but the developers are planning to expand and enhance everything through a comprehensive build-up and new utilization that goes well beyond a facelift. Dana Point Harbor will become a lot more than it is right now. And that underappreciated charm will grow into a full love affair when visitors will know this is a must stop destination that cannot be overlooked. The new harbor will connect with the Lantern District and Doheny Beach to define the heart of the city and bring an *endless flow of enjoyment and opportunity.

*that’s the part you care about.

The plans call for the rebuild of stores, the marinas, the boat slips, construction of two new hotels ( will replace the existing Marina Inn on Dana Point Harbor Drive ) and an 1,800-space parking structure. In a word, it’ll be UPSCALE. Bigger yachts, better eats and a real center for the city. Additional attractions include a new 9,000 square foot surf museum, highlighting and paying homage to the city’s storied history. How cute is that?

Now, knowing development information helps home buyers because it’s a tell-tale sign that *home values will spike. The city is getting a makeover and it’s by Newport Beach developers, where real estate prices continuously soar. For example, to live in the center of Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, it’ll cost you over $2 Million. If your bargain shopping you might get lucky with just about $1.5 million to be a back unit. And the line of home buyers never dwindles because this is where everything is happening! So take my advice ( and do as I do -I just bought a home in Dana Point ) and get in NOW.

This goes for home buyers as well as *business owners. There’s no better place to put a second location or open a franchise than a new development project on the water. Check out these current commercial openings here and contact me for details on what’s to come: http://aboutdanapoint.com/portfolio/development-pipeline/

The information you have tells you someone is pouring $330 million dollars into this city, time to spend your $1 Million. And that’s about what you can get in for. I’m talking detached, the family home, the driveway, garage and backyard. Of course, prices already can soar past $22 million dollars for monster homes with views but if you want a good investment, you can still get a normal all-American home for $850k to $1.2M near Dana Point. Move in and watch that equity rise rise rise! Personally, my home in Dana Point is my retirement fund. I’m sitting on it until it rises past a certain number then I’ll sell and live somewhere lesser than California. But that’s when I’m old and well, still blond-thanks Cut Hairdressers! I literally live in my IRA. Talk about making your money work for you!

Oh lastly, and to further prove my point-so you’ve got this massive redev going on at the harbor but let’s not forget to mention the *huge new home building going on inland. In Dana Point, God’s most perfect geographical workings, you’ve got experienced home builders *pouring money into the inland areas too! When I bought my home in Dana Point I could literally see money being poured into each side and let me tell you, it made me feel quite comfortable buying in the middle of this profitable sandwich. If it’s good enough for Meritage, Toll Brothers ( to name a few ) then it’s most likely a pretty good place to buy. Zephyr is selling a new development of all townhomes starting at $1 million with no problem at all.

Insider Realtor information: I used to work for one of these big builders and I can tell you there are multiple high paying jobs that have one purpose- find out where the best place to build is. I like a good short cut in life and when someone does the research for me, I’ll take it! These companies are publicly traded which means they are risking their investors when they choose their projects. Sure, they can be wrong, but let me assure you they are pouring more time, money and resources into the resale value of this specific area than you ever could. I have a little phrase when it comes to home buying- do as the Realtors do. Well recently I’ve changed it to go where the money is going and that’s pretty blatantly Dana Point. The money already went to Newport and Laguna, and now it takes that much more money to get in there. Someone ( me! ) just gave you all the right answers to the test-take it.

*Bottom line, a lot of big guys are into this city for a lot of big bucks and that’s why I call this, the last good deal. If I were in the mob I think they’d call this ‘insider information’. Hopefully I don’t get wacked.

Until next time, may your little mob profit greatly from this information.



Cited information from https://www.connect.media/county-approves-330m-dana-point-harbor-redevelopment/

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