• Amanda René Marchesello

My Fav home for a family right now.

Updated: Mar 30

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This home is my MUST BUY right now. I've talked about Dana Point before but here's a refresher https://www.luxulane.com/orangecountyhomes

This specific home is my pick for perfect family home right now. Why? Who doesn’t love bullets:

o Money Talks. It’s around $1 million dollars, which let’s me honest, you can’t get a house for less if you want the things we all want.

o Location Location Location. You buy land not houses. In 10 years the style will be out dated, the paint will chip and the curb appeal won’t be what buyers want but the land you buy is the land you buy. This specific house is 1 mile up the hill from Salt Creek Beach which is so pristine the Ritz Carlton parked itself there. I mean…STANDARDS. It’s on a cul-de-sac but it’s not suburbia because the coolest restaurants are literally down the hill and south Laguna is 10 minutes north, San Clemente is 10 minutes south. Oh and let’s mention amenities because Trader Joes and Starbucks is across the street.

o Turn Key. Because we are not Bob the freaking builder.

o New appliances. Because….gross.

o All the things that should be standard. Two car garage. Laundry room. Wood floors. Open concept.

o Yard. The yard is the perfect size. Not to big not too small.

o Ocean Views. Bonus!

o Low HOA, but it has an HOA. I like this because there is not a crack house next door. You know what I mean. Every home is nice. Every darn home is manicured.

o 3 large bedrooms and 1 office.

o 3 bathrooms.

o Big closets.

o The Dana Point Harbor is redeveloping and you care because you want your house to make money for you. Read more here:


And that's all folks! See Booking Page for showing appointments and let's achieve the American dream!

Until your showing,

May all of your picks have it all.



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