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Get to the point Point Loma

Updated: Mar 30

We took a new listing last week (see left) in Point Loma so I was out and about scouring the market for competition. I had fun, learned a lot and even found one of my buyer’s their dream home. Oh and of course came down with major real estate envy, a serious condition I often suffer from. Let me tell you why I am in love with the Loma.

1. It’s a Peninsula.

Why do I care? The AIR QUALITY. Let’s get to the point, ( after all it is POINT Loma haha ) the white marble floors and floating staircase doesn’t mean much if you can’t breathe. That’s right, even in this southern Cali market we need to fight for our basics. Air, water and well I’ll take care of getting you the shelter… but let’s talk about air.

Living at the bottom of a hill, or in any area with stale, hot air is just a no. Living by a freeway, just a no. You don’t really realize ( see how cute I was there? ) how much it affects your daily life until you experience BAD air. Then you kick yourself because DUH, it’s called a basic for a reason but that staircase had you temporarily insane. I get it, we’ve all told ourselves we can deal. Trust me, if you are on a Peninsula surrounded by water, you’ll breathe like a yogi going into child’s pose.

2. Views. Views. Did I tell you about the views?

The elevation in Point Loma is perfect. How so? Well it’s high enough to provide beautiful water views ( and don’t get me started on my personal favorite view of the harbor and downtown ) but it’s not Mount Everest, meaning you can still walk everywhere. I like a view as much, well more, than the next person but I will not mountain climb up to my home. I won’t sacrifice walkability for a view because then I’m lacking live-ability. Word doc. is telling me I’ve made that word up but I like it and I think you get its meaning.

We even took our Christmas card there in 2017 because the views cannot be beat!

3. It’s family, but not old.

This brings me to my last and 100% opinion-based point about Point Loma ( can’t stop won’t stop ). It is not suburbia but it’s kind of suburbia feeling. I’m not old and even when I am old I don’t want to be in the middle of nowhere feeling…old. I’m not raging downtown either and I sure don’t want to hear those drunkies at 3 am. Point Loma looks at downtown, is a 5-minute drive to downtown but it isn’t downtown.

I’d say it’s hip yet seasoned, polished yet earthy, family but cool. Point Loma is the cool Dad of San Diego. The Dad that’s a family man but super active and runs shirtless with the stroller. He drives a Range Rover because he’s responsible but likes nice things. He’s practical but has money. He’s attractive but no spring chicken. He’s…ESTABLISHED. Okay enough about the dreamy Dad, enter LIBERTY STATION. The Lot, The Public Market, The Rock Church ( talk about hot Dads… ) Soda & Swine, Trader Joe’s, Craft Coffee galore and do I really need to go on? Here goes my favorite word again…it’s upscale live-able.

I love La Jolla village but where the heck do you people grocery shop? Vons? Really? ( no offense to Vons disclaimer here ) and the La Jolla in and out commute is terrible so don’t even try telling me you go up to UTC Whole Foods. Again with the basics.

So the point of Point Loma is it has it all; beach, views, live-ability. Come see our new listing on Harbor View drive and let me show you it’s view of the harbor and do all sorts of play on words with that one haha.

Until then, may your equity appreciate,


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