• Amanda René Marchesello

(now brewing) Good Beans San Diego vs Sarasota

Updated: Jul 17

Things I love more than coffee in order of likeness:

  1. Real Estate

  2. My baby.

  3. Money.

But I need coffee to do all 3, so-

San Diego is known for its craft beers and lesser known for its craft coffees by ohhhh let me tell you about the coffee vibe. It's a scene. On Thursdays we get all dressed up for the San Diego Association of Realtors Broker's open. First stop-the coffee shop! Afterall, it's possible the first time many realtors have to be anywhere before 10 am. So before previewing all the new listings, each little Realtor needed his and her half frothed double shot oat milk cap.

Sarasota has the same situation with a heavier emphasis on plain old coffee beans. Not so much fluff, you know? And in the hipster world, that makes it cooler. I ordered a basic b*tch vanilla almond milk matte at XXXXX and they looked my dead in the eyes and said they don't have vanilla. No other flavor option just no. Coffee snobs, it's a thing.


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