• Amanda René Marchesello

I built a home and I liked it

Updated: Jul 10

It sounds fun right? Ask anyone who has ever built a home how much fun they had.

There’s a ton of emotion that goes into buying a home, let alone BUILDING a home. Yet new home builders are definitely not lacking buyers. Why in the world would someone want to wait so long for their home when they could just go buy one already done?

I’ll tell you.

We could not find it.

And did we EVER look. Being a realtor for your own family is one of the hardest jobs I’ve done. My husband is an engineer type who needs to see EVERY liable option before deciding. He is also an analyst who thinks and rethinks everything constantly. I have the luxury of doing showings at all times, that means late nights and packed weekends.

Also, I know too much for my own good. I’ve seen how it should be and I’ve seen people really make a bad choice. Buying the correct home can CHANGE YOUR LIFE for the better. It can give you an extra $100,000s for doing NOTHING. It can give you friends, a social life, a status, safety, a happy childhood for your kid and the list goes on.


It can bankrupt you. Your home can be blown in because it wasn’t hurricane proof to 2005 standards. It can flood. It can be your worst nightmare.

I know too much. And when you know better, you do better so you better believe I pick perfect homes.

To create the perfect storm, our wish list was long. Really really long. I’ll explain it like this; Say there are 10 must haves that drive the price of a home up. He cared about 5 and I cared about the other 5. To buy as a couple, that meant the home had to have THEM ALL. Yep, our must haves were polar opposite. He would love the location of a home, but I would think it was too old. He would fall in love with a home, but it was in the wrong school district. And you can imagine how fun it is to house hunt with this dynamic. You want to test a marriage? House hunt together! Oh and do it with a baby who hates the car!

And so we searched online. I did showings. The baby cried. And eventually I cried too.

It became clear. If you can’t find it build it. And so we did.

Now, having sold new homes ( see my blog post https://www.luxulane.com/post/new-home-secrets-from-a-former-new-home-sales-associate ) I definitely had one leg up. Is that how they say it? Lol. Well I knew what the heck I was doing.

So we hit a few items on our wish list with the corner lot, big backyard and water and sunset view. And dropped the deposit. And so it went.

At the time we had been living in beautiful Naples, Florida and I’ll tell you, we were kind of living the life. A little golf cart picked us up at the door of our home and drove us through the nature preserve ¼ mile to the private beach club. They set up the sun chairs and umbrella and the champagne is always cold. If you haven’t been to Naples, you cannot imagine how well these people are living, but I urge you to check it out.

Anywhoo, we took the 1.5 hour trip up to visit our home in the making. Mind you, this is with a baby. And the baby doesn’t like the car. Well, what we found was not pleasing. Not much had been done and what had been done was not up to my standards. One look at the home and we rented a condo nearby so we could keep an eye on our new nest egg. Said a sad farewell to our private beach club life and said Hello to our construction crew every morning until that house was done to perfection.

When the cats away the mice will play. Well this cat was no longer away and it made all the difference. Now I had made a good move and a bad move. The good move was to monitor the workers. They always do a better job if they know the owners are watching. But the bad move was that I really didn’t love the condo we were now staying in. And this made me want the home to be finished faster. Faster rarely is better. So that emotional thing I had got myself into really had to be kept at bay while I checked off each day that inched my into my dream home.

On walk through day we had my in-laws watch the baby. Do NOT bring a baby to a walk through! It takes forever and you need to sign something at the end of it stating that you agree to the condition or have pointed out what you didn’t like. You do not want to be rushed.

So we showed up, babyless. And we were the only ones there. Yep, no one else to be found. They forgot.

So a few days later we did our walk through and I had quite the list going, all of which was fixed before our move in. Whew, that was a really hard part.

Moving into a home that you’ve seen built, you know what the ground under it looks like, well it really feels like yours. It’s not like a laid the bricks with my own manicured hands, but it was my own. It was the way I wanted it. It was beyond clean, it was NEW. There was no imperfection that wasn’t my own fault. It felt good.

And as we look for our beach condo for income purposes, I will say that it’s easier to buy a home “as is”. But when it’s for your family, and you can’t find what you want, it is worth it to build it the right way. But make sure to read the secrets first and of course have me as your agent or you're just plain doomed.

Until next time, may all your upgrades be included.




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