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New Mom Same Realtor

Updated: Apr 22

Or maybe a better Realtor.

They said when you finally give birth you get to meet someone totally new-YOU! It's true that having a baby changes you for sure. For me it's made me aware of how much I love my career and the flexibility it allows. The though of being forced to give up the things you enjoy at a time when your identity is going through perhaps the biggest change would be unthinkable. Isn't balance the essence of happiness after all? Too much of anything is bad so finding a way to fit it all in has been something I knew I wanted to get really good at.

I sold a house the DAY after my baby was born. That's right. She was born April 24th and I sold a house April 25th. Check public records, it was in San Diego, CA. I can't say I meant to sell a house during that time, but there's never a bad time to sell a home so I figured there was no time like the present to figure out how to work with a baby.

Polite pause for a Mommy shrine-see below...

Okay back to business. College for me was fun. It was social, think legally blonde sorority house. It was definitely more fraternity socials than late library nights for me. If I'm being frank, the more valuable thing I learned in college was it's all about who you know and more importantly who knows ( and likes ) you. And so I graduated with a bachelors degree in Integrative Public Relations and a pretty good idea of what makes people want to work with other people. Why they pick one person over another. How to be pleasant to me around and how to make a product a "must have". In other terms-I could sell anything, most importantly myself.

But when most of my peers were selecting their respective career paths based on salary estimates or passions, I picked based on the fact I knew I wanted to work and be a mommy. I wanted to have it all and I wanted to start down the path that I saw that working out. Enter- real estate.

I'll be the first to admit not everything since college has went the way I originally planned, ( i.e. married at 30, 2 kids by 35, etc. ) but it sure did work out with the work life balance. I gained most of my experience in my 20s which in my opinion is exactly when you should start real estate. Then in my early 30s I had built up a nice clientele of southern California "heavy hitters" who were repeat clients to say the least. Now enter baby B and it's easy to fit her in because I already know how much time each task takes and if it's baby safe. Some clients, especially the families, enjoy and invite me to bring the baby along at certain times. This is great but not always my preference. Even though I feel seasoned in my real estate career, I'm new at being a mom so doing both at the same time can be challenging to say the least. So when I block out time for clients, it's usually best to give them me and me alone. However, much of the job is done behind the scenes. Previewing homes is something I think is very important. It saves the client time and time is money. Therefore, I do almost all of my previewing with the baby and we both enjoy that. Two birds, one stone, you know? Paperwork can also be done at home while watching her or during naps. I find having my own career very important to keeping the balance of Amanda vs Amanda the mom. Amanda the mom is more important to me, no doubt. My family comes first and that's the way it'll always be. But there's something to be said for giving your family your best self and that best self has done her yoga, exercised her mind and brought in money to the family bank account. I feel very fortunate to be able to live this way and I have the upmost respect for any kind of Mommy, that is a respect that grows by the day. The fact that it's normal to do something so unthinkable, something that challenges the body and mind in every single way, is just nuts to me. Nothing about pregnancy should be considered normal, and don't even get me started about labor and postpartum. NOT NORMAL. EXTRAORDINARY!!!

So to answer the question I get all too often, "Are you still working"?

Yes I am and appreciating my work now more than ever because it truly is a part of who I am. Any referrals in the sate of California or Florida are very welcomed and I promise they'll be taken care of. Gifts and cards are great but its the people who give business to families they care about are giving the ultimate gift.

Until next time, may all your babies sleep through the night.


Just another Mommy.


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