• Amanda René Marchesello

On the Hill ( Banker's Hill )

Spotlight on Banker’s Hill! I'll tell you why.

I was at the downtown caravan today ( where the Realtors gather to parade about previewing all new listings before open to the public ) and I was about to destroy the frothy heart on top my overpriced coffee when I heard the most terrible sound! Dressed in our best professional chic, my work crew and I turned to see some filthy lunatic screaming obscenities at a woman across the street. Everyone within hearing distance stood and watched for about 5 minutes as this man ranted and raved for no apparent reason. I don’t care how big your heart is, the homeless are a problem downtown San Diego and many ( most that I’ve encountered ) are just plain nuts.

So, I looked at the 11 properties that were open and the one just outside downtown, literally up the hill in an area called Banker’s Hill, looked all the more appealing. Furthermore, I have a condo just blocks away from this new listing and it has remarkably similar curb appeal.

For those who aren’t familiar, Banker’s Hill is by the famous ( and where I had my first date AND got engaged! ) Balboa Park which boasts numerous museums, art exhibits and larger than life organ where free concerts play every Sunday in the park. Located west of the San Diego Zoo, this park provides sprawling green spaces which makes you feel say “We’re not downtown anymore!” but you’re still in the same zip code ( and it’s a 5-minute uber ). Banker’s Hill also has great views because like I said, it’s on the hill and if you’re facing east you see Balboa Park but if you’re facing west you see the harbor, or in my case, I see all the way out to the ocean beyond the midway ( Cha-ching! ).

So, this particular listing I saw today is a top floor unit of a 3-floor building and faces west so the super wide balcony provides 180-degree views from the south towards Coronado all the way to the north airport. The planes are actually pretty cool to see land when you’re in a spot that they aren’t too loud. This home is 3 bedrooms and almost 2,000 square feet ( side note, you get more space thank downtown ) and it’s light, bright and modern. At $1,695,000 you may compare to the square footage you’d get in a high rise ( oh and add those HOAs!) to see how they came to that sticker price.

One final thing about Banker’s Hill, it feels like a neighborhood aka the homeless aren’t screaming. Mommies are walking babies and there’s something about being elevated that makes you feel, well, richer. Am I right?! Haha. Air quality, views, breezes, etc. but most of all I get to say things like “I’m up on the hill” or “I’ll walk down to meet you”.

Oh, I lied, one more thing. This is as close to the airport as you can get, comfortably. It’s a 3-minute drive, seriously. Love being close to it all but feel like I’m out of it, you know? So that’s my morning write up as I’m heading back down to show a top floor penthouse now to one of my favorite clients! It’s totally the best deal for him, I hope he seals the deal before we list it publicly this weekend.

Till next time, may all your assets appreciate!

xo Amanda


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