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Pacific Dreams

Updated: Mar 30

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I just love the phrase, "let's just skip to the point." I love learning but I don't need all the details. So summarize, tell me the top three things and explain why it matters ( in 140 characters or less ). #Millennial.

So when it comes to the San Diego skyline, let's just skip to the

best. In a sea of bank owned parking lots sat the most unused ocean view downtown land just begging to be something. Anything. The gateway to our city left much to be desired, you know, like maybe a hint of an actual city. Enter Nat BOSA aka Canadian developer/real estate genius/god as in built most of 92101. And there he was in all his glory with all of his self purchased parking lots. If BOSA builds it they will come. Well he did and they did and it's called Pacific Gate and it's the nicest high rise to ever be high in San Diego's downtown.

Moving on, it's like living in a true 5-star hotel. From the concierge to the amenities to the style and flow of it, it's really a whole new way to live. The Pacific Gate ads boast funny tag lines like "the life you deserve" and it may be cheesy but it's the super pricey cheese shop 50 years aged kind, you know? Oh, and the newest Malarkey restaurant is set to open on the ground floor so residents won't go hungry before taking the boat out for a sail.

The first home I sold in Pacific Gate was on the 29th floor ( my birthday and favorite number might I add ) and I recalled how the Sales Staff helped my buyer select it. We stood on the street looking up at where the building would be in 2 years promised. Then we went back to the sales office and looked at a simulator that was taken at approximate floor heights. There wasn't a huge difference in the 25-29 but there wasn't a huge price difference either so my client settled on the 29th floor and took the floor plan that sold out first. What a smartie pants he is, right?

And there's a pic of me, toasting to the city I love in the building that I think is the best and thinking how lucky we all are the call this place home.

Cheers San Diego, cheers!

Until next time, may you all live the life you deserve ( *wink *wink ) ,



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