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(updating) Referrals-Friends and Family Plan

Updated: Jul 10

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They say never work with family or friends. I have never disagreed more. Supporting friends and family over random strangers has always been a no brainer for me. Not to mention, I feel like I give and get better service with people I know. As my peers begin to have families of their own, it becomes even more close to my heart to make sure my money goes to the people I care about instead of someone I found on yelp. You know? My best friend Shannan helps clients with Home Warrenty and we became friends through work! If real estate can't be fun, what job can?

I think where this “keep business separate” idea came from is unfortunate. I believe that a select few people treat people close to them worse than a customer should be treated, because those are the people who will understand. I optimistically argue that this is an outdated problem. Now that so many people are business owners, I believe that it’s now the norm to treat loved ones even better than the standard simply because we care about them on a deeper level.

I can speak for myself when I tell you that I absolutely LOVE working with friends and family. I will do midnight showings for them if they see a home pop on the market and want to get over there before the rest of the world. I had one friend who was the engineer type and wanted to see about 50 homes in person. Yes, 50. And he wanted to see them all at 6:30 which is exactly when I finished my personal training. So I told him, I’ll do that for you, at 6:35 if you can understand and overlook the fact that I’ll be in gym clothes. He couldn’t care less about that, he was there for the houses so we saw a few every night and after a few weeks, he had made an educated choice that he felt good about. It was the perfect example of mixing friends with business and where a little understanding on each side made the dream work.

So now that we have that myth behind us, let’s talk about my favorite thing-money honey. I can practice Real Estate ANYWHERE in California because that’s where my broker’s license is hung. However, I can refer clients to my Realtor partners ANYWHERE in the USA and because I’m a Broker, not an agent, I can get paid for it.

I’m from the polar vortex that is Michigan and so I have many people that trust me there. When these people ask me to help them get started, I am more than happy they think of me as a Real Estate resource. I have numerous partners in Michigan and if they do not have a Realtor already in mind, then I match them up with the agent that I think will work best with them and knows their preferred area best. If they have an idea of who they’d like to use already-I MUST be the one to connect them directly with that person. THIS IS THE HARD PART to understand. There is a proper referral form that must be the first form of official contact on this particular deal. It doesn’t matter who the other agent is ( whether you know them or I know them ) but only that I send this form stating your objective.

After this form is done you continue on with this person as your Realtor with the optional added bonus of me being able to follow and help with your transaction. Again, you can pick the agent or I can give you my top picks and you can select the one you like the most. End up hating them after two weeks? No problem, let’s pick a new agent. Same process.

Why this is wonderful: The primary agent gets a wonderful new client, I get a referral fee and you get two realtors for the price of one.

My friends and family plan.


In short, come to me first when you or someone you know is even thinking about starting the process of buying or selling a home. Just remember, ANY state I want to be your real estate resource. And I’ll be happy to put my money where my mouth is because sharing is caring and what goes around comes around.

Until then, may all your business be on the friends and family plan,




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