• Amanda René Marchesello

Return of the Community?

Updated: Mar 30

In the ever-changing housing market, buyer needs drive it all. Over the last decade we’ve witnessed many trends fuel the fire. Enter the self-employed buyer.

When we were all working the formal 9-5 in the formal suits and dress in the formal offices, we wanted to come home to privacy. Quiet, serene, peaceful, because we had few hours of alone time before it was time to go back into the office once again.

Though people have always been self-employed, over the last few years we’ve seen a drastic rise in those buyers who do not report to an office on a daily basis. This has changed many things in the housing market. The obvious; buyers want a home office. Light, bright and away from the rest of the home, more buyers request a home work space than ever before. The not so obvious? Buyers want community. The work-from-home buyer doesn’t want peace and quiet. Working from home means working alone and that means a social living environment is all the more desirable.

But social doesn’t mean high-rise, small or condo. Many popular communities, such as Apex at Civita in Mission Valley, have community building events that homeowners can attend to get to know their neighbors. Apex even boasts it’s recent sold out success partially to the fact that the detached homes are single family houses set up like a condo community. The neighbors are just close enough, but homeowners own their own 4 walls. People are there when you want them but quiet is accessible with the close of the front door. The Plan 3 which included an office, was the first-floor plan to sell out. “Buyers want a detached home because of appreciation value and privacy, but they don’t want the maintenance of a large backyard or the seclusion of sitting on an acre of land anymore.” Says Amanda Pentiuk, sales representative for the formally known CaltAtlantic Homes. She went on to explain that while buyers are now well expecting to see the $1 million-dollar price tag on just about all new detached homes, the expectations are in line with the price. “Buyers are well researched because information is at the touch of a finger” she said. “Sales agents need to be upfront and disclose as much information as possible because they’ll find out either way but if you are the one to inform them the trust will build and the sale will be more pleasant for all involved.”

Wanting it all has always been a complaint sales agents made about their buyers, but what’s more accurate, perhaps, is wanting conflicting things. Buyers have long requested “private yet walkable” which is difficult to deliver. But now they are wanting private yet social and thankfully that’s becoming easier to provide. We love a buyer who knows what they want and for a $1 million-dollar standard, why shouldn’t you want it all? #civita #apex #missionvalley #fashionvalley #sandiego #realestate #newhome #welcomehome #listing #newlisting #buyers #sellers #community

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