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Updated: May 4, 2018

Listing a home isn’t what it used to be and I’m super excited about that. Slapping up some stats copied from a previous listing on the MLS and hoping for the best just doesn’t require the kind of creativity I like to tap into.

I recently listed a home that allowed me to get really really creative. I had this amazing idea to debut the home at the Metro Broker’s Caravan ( the place where Realtors gather to present and tour new listings before they go live ) and I had it all worked out in my head. I was going to hire hot men to professionally shoe shine and pop champagne on silver platters ( but they’d be gold because I’m so into gold ). How cool is that for your work day? I thought I had it all figured out until….the owners didn’t want any sort of open houses. Zip, zero, none.

Always one to follow my client’s requests ( while giving them my recommendations perhaps one too many times ) I went on my merry little way and presented the property at caravan with plenty of fliers but no opportunity to actually show the home. No one called for more information.

Enter my online advertising marathon. I’m going to give it to you straight here. I have a minor in adverting but I graduated in 2007, so it’s pretty much crap. My husband is a marketing and advertising genius and he has to do whatever I say. That’s how we arrived at me snacking at his desk uninvited while he worked his magic on the google ad words and paid advertising with a reach of over 100,000 clicks. While I did receive many leads who I worked with to find other homes, no one called for more information on my listing.

This was about the time when I received the Realtor support group or as I like to call it, the pity party. “Ohh March is just the slowest month we’ve ever seen!” and “At over $1.4 mil a listing sits for an average of 60 days.” And my all-time favorite - the story of that one listing that sat stale only to sell for over asking to a cash buyer. It reminds me of the movie “He’s Just Not That into You” when girls say they know a girl who knows a girl who did all the wrong things and then BAM- married in 30 days flat. As a very smart man said in the movie, “that is the anomaly. That is not you.”

I’m nothing if not determined so on I trekked on to paid JUST LISTED flyer door drops to every door within a 5-mile radius. Emails blasts, email blasts and more email blasts. “Babe, throw some more dollars at the paid advertising!” and calling every agent I had cooperated with while selling this development for the builder. A few prospects emerged but when the showing requests came in, the owners were not ready to allow private showings or were out of town so the buyers dwindled out. Instead of frustrated, I was intrigued. What an awesome learning experience and opportunity to think outside of the box-my favorite place to be.

And outside of the box I went. All way to TV. Yep, there I was, on camera with no professional glam team and no filter. Lord be with me. The show was called “Story House San Diego” and the host was this cutie named Molly O’Dell. On a Monday afternoon, I went into her studio and we did one take. ONE take. “That was the best interview we’ve ever done!” she said. Oh Molly, I bet you say that to all the girls.

It was organic if nothing else and I’m proud of that. I feel like we the people have been so saturated with filtered fakeness that we’ve come full circle and just want anything real. Give me the realness or give me death! I swear even my compliments are so real they sound like critique. But I mean it. For the sake of realness, I didn’t think about what I was going to say and definitely didn’t script anything. I’m not a fan of the Realtors who use incredible photos to draw in buyers who quickly see it’s next door to a dump. An actual dump, this has happened to me. I’m going to save everyone time by saying what it is that I’m selling and if it’s for you, let’s do it! If not, off you go to find your perfect match. I’m not into the bait and switch either-I just don’t have time.

Anyhoo- for this sake I did it raw and unedited and didn’t even watch it back. I still haven’t seen it actually as it comes out next week. But what I can tell you is that my efforts paid off and equally important, I learned something. If you’re not learning you’re dying and I’m not ready to go. I’ve had 5 showing appointments in the last week and yesterday, the seller was finally ready to accommodate them all. If this thing had sound you’d hear < Too Legit to Quit > right now.

The point of this story isn’t to depict myself as someone who always gets the listings that fly off the market like magic. It’s a real story about what to do when the basics aren’t an option or they just don’t work for whatever reason. Do you sit back and wait or do you get out there in another way? During this time, I asked myself interesting questions such as “how innovative can I be in this market?” and “how can I obey the sellers’ no show schedule while still creating exposure to buyers?”. Every home does have a story and every client has a different situation which requires a different approach. And isn’t that a lesson for life, if everything worked on the first try, what would we really learn?

Until next time- May all your assets appreciate.



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