• Amanda René Marchesello

(under Construction) Why I sold my Orange County Home

Updated: May 12

I sold my Orange Country home!

Many realtors don't own a home. This job is like motherhood in the way that until you do it yourself, you don't really get it. You are not an expert and you cannot relate.

If your realtor is preaching, "buy buy buy" when they rent rent rent, allow me to introduce myself, my name is #SOLD!

I've been the single girl buyer who doesn't know how their story will go but knows she wants to make a good investment.

I've been the engaged seller who make $80,000 in three years by doing nothing but coming and going from my home. I slept in my savings account. It appreciated.

I've been the newlywed buyer who wanted a coastal home that was good for entertaining but had to go outside San Diego city limits to get all the boxes checked.

And as of late, I've been the seller with the world's most challenging escrow including an all cash offer with offshore money who simply disappeared. If anyone sees Mr. Zion flowing around Panama, he owes me $1 million dollars like two months ago and I'm not being cheeky.

My point is that I've been there. The only thing I haven't done is buy at full asking or sell at a loss. =)

I am a buyer.

I am a seller.

I am a wife.

I am a mother.

I am a Realtor and I'm really good at it.


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