• Amanda René Marchesello

(under construction) WTF-What the Florida!

Updated: Jul 10

Florida stole my heart from the time I was a kid and we vacationed at Sanibel Island. As a Michigander, the snow bird life was the only life. Summers at the Great Lakes and frigid winters in sunny south Florida.

I was California dreamin for about 11 years before I found my need for a Florida home. The warm water and prestine beaches just felt like vacation. Even going down to the beach for a few hours had me totally relaxed and de-stressed.

But you live in California, what else could you possibly want? They asked. A babysitter. Family birthday parties. Quality time with the people who mean the most. But not bad enough to freeze our behinds off in Michigan. Everyone has their limits.

So Florida seemed like the only other option. My family was there half the year and my husband's family was 75% already there year round. Now, polite disclaimer and this is not an ad. If I had it my way, I'd like right next door to my mother. She's incredibly helpful and I just like her around. However, I also like my mother in law and she's also very helpful and kind. Bonus, my daughter LOVES her and additional bonus, she's retired. Score and score.

So after 4 months of parenting alone, we decided. We need a big family home set up for guests and we need it on the east coast. But we had the entire state to search through. Miami was fun, but too fun. Naples was extrememely nice, but not really big enough for us. Tampa was too....sketch. It's my blog and I'll be honest if i want to. But Sarasota, home of the US #1 beach Siesta Key, was just right. Oddly enough it was the very first beach my feet ever touched at 18 months old visiting my paternal Grandparents. It's big but has a small town feel, everyone knows whos who but there are always more people to meet. It boasts crystal clear waters and beaches having me flashing back to exotic vacations in Tulum and the Carribean. It has a downtown and suburbia. Bridges and boats galore and it was consistent, meaning it was all pretty darn nice. It has an airport. It has a large base of families, an aquarium, a big cat habitat for you Tiger King fans and a luxury mall. It even has that large statue of the navy sldier kissing the nurse from world war...I'll need to look that up, just like downtown San Diego.

First Floridian lesson; you have to play tennis or golf. The outfits are about the same, but I myself prefer tennis as seen here. Florida is all about the country clubs. It's a social spot. You see, much of Florida is like a jungle. That's a technical term. So amenities that offer shade, chilled refreshments and groomed landscaping are a must to really enjoy the outdoors. Did I say it's hot? It's hot. So just randomly walking around the jungle really isn't an option.


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