Lakehouse Cove & Shoreview

"Lakewood Ranch is poised to grow again in a very big way with the introduction of its newest village, Waterside, which will have an eventual 5,144 homes set on 5,490 acres—nearly 4,100 acres of it made up of seven large lakes with more than 20 miles of shoreline—south of University Parkway"...


Waterside Moms Club is a social group for Mommies who live in the new Waterside area.  It's local, it's fun, it's making our new homes, HOME. 

How to Tour Homes

Please call before visiting the grounds.  If you do not make an appointment, you forfeit the right to be represented and will have no option in the future.  Even if you are just visiting and want to exercise your right after the fact, builder will not allow.  

Call us!  858-381-0457

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